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2022: It feels like a homemade tour
It was a lovely tour, 100% local experience.
The fact that he encouraged us to interact with each other made it a lovely moment.
I would totally recommend this tour cause it’s feels “home made”

2021: A Must Do In NYC
We have been on 3 tours with Corey, 2 were group tours and our last one was a private tour (July 2021). Some of the best times I have had in NYC have been on these tours. Corey tells you all you need to know about the restaurant scene in NYC plus any other info you want. A+ rated
2020: Interesting Tour, Excellent Recommendations
Great tour, but the most valuable part was the recommendations for other restaurants. Corey offered up around fifteen places, eight of which we tried during our time in NYC; none disappointed, and all were very reasonably priced, and felt ‘local’. Make sure to ask for places near where you live, and make sure to try those with novel cuisines!

2019: NYC Honeymoon
Corey was an amazing host and guide through some of New York’s drinking venues. To have a New Yorker through and through, you also get to learn the history of the city and he is great for conversation. All you need over a nice pint!

2018: Great way to get your feet wet with NYC

My husband and I are both go getters when we travel. We like to get the most that we can out of a city, explore like crazy and experience it like a local. This tour definitely hit all those points for us. We loved the quick pace and hidden gems that Corey took us to. Know what to expect though. This tour is not a slow moving, historical synopsis of New York. It is not a seven course meal. It is also not a hand holding, idiot proof private restaurant experience. It IS a great adventure for the eager, positive and enthusiastic traveler. This tour is a local NY guy that gives you his opinion about yummy bites off the beaten path and lots of interesting tidbits about NYC. This tour does require you to pay attention and listen. It does require you to wait in line with a group and pay for the food you buy. Your ticket pays for the guide’s expertise. Corey is very clear in his directions and very knowledgable. He is also very forthcoming that the places he takes you to are regular cheap spots that he personally likes to frequent. We had an amazing experience. As a bonus, we were initially apprehensive about figuring out the intricate subway system but after Corey’s tour felt confident to navigate it on our own for the remainder of our trip. We loved exploring more of the areas that Corey took us to and learning all the info that he provided. Can’t wait to go back and try some of his other tours! “Stick in the mud” travelers need not apply but everyone else should have a great time!

2017: Was one of the best “sights” to see in NYC

Corey is a man on a mission. his mission is to show visitors some of the best food in New York City. He took a group of 25 of us of which only 6 were actually from the United States the rest were from different parts of the world he took us all on the subway from Grand Central Station to the East Village where the shops are small because it’s a residential area we stopped and 5 different eatery of various ethnicity and each one was better than the next. For me the idea of 20 to 25 people getting on the subway getting off the right stop and staying together seemed impossible but he made it happen and we had a good time. We mingles with people from all over the world and when we left a couple of us made friends and exchanged phone numbers or emails that’s what was neat it wasn’t just about eating it was about sharing our culture friendship with food is the venue. I can’t wait till next time we come to New York I understand the quarry may have a couple of new food on foot tours.

2016: Different Kind of Tour

Great new experience for everyone who like food and want to try a different type of Tour.
The tour is very easy, you will walk around the city and try different foods. Sweet and salty!
At the end of the tour I was friend with everyone and is very nice cause usually if you go and do tours is something long and boring and anti-social.
Really recommend it 🙂

2015: Authentic New York Experience

I grew up in Manhattan, and the strength of this food tour is that it gives you a good feel for a New York neighborhood and some of its food. The tour guide is a real New Yorker who knows the local places where New Yorkers would eat. The food is always good and often amazing– especially if you get the items recommended by the guide. Some of the places serve a great version of a popular food (for example, probably the best slice of New York style pizza I’ve had in Manhattan), some of the places are interesting local family run businesses, and some are New York institutions. With multiple stops, there is more than enough excellent food (in fact, you need to pace yourself).

We also had a nice time introducing ourselves to and chatting with other members of the tour, which is encouraged by the tour guide. All in all, our family liked this much better than other New York food tours we have done, and the price was lower as well!

Important Note – if you are looking for a selection of high end tastings from a series of gourmet sit-down restaurants, this is not the right tour. But if you are looking for a genuine taste of a New York neighborhood and of the good food that New Yorkers eat, you will LOVE this tour.

2014: A Year Of Great Stories From Our Tours….

My wife gave up vegetarianism for one day
My wife 2 kids and I took the east village food tour today and it was outstanding. Corey provides a real different New York experience. We stopped at 6 locations and they were all amazing. Half way through we stopped and he rattled off around 10 hidden gem restaraunts in all types that are good value. On the last food stop for some reason my wife decided she would try a classic New York hot dog. The last time she ate meat was 15 years ago one time (again for a hot dog when she was pregnant). It was pretty unreal. Corey was great and we learned a lot and basically have all of the rest of our trip food plans ready to go.

A can’t miss food adventure!
We have been to NYC with our daughters 3 times and haven’t had much luck finding quality, affordable, and oh so tasty food until we found Corey and his yummy tour. He gives you great tips on what to order so you are not having to roll your way home after the tour. He is also just a super nice guy! Do not miss out on finding great food and meeting nice people from all over the globe. Thanks for the true New Yorker experience.

My sister discovered this gem!
Corey is a great Food on Foot guide! He knew all about East Village and took us to places we would never have discovered in the few days we were there. The food was divine, Corey gave us loads of info everywhere we went, he chatted to everyone making sure that no-one was left out AND we made a necessary pitstop! Corey has a FANTASTIC sense of humour and put everyone at ease. I loved the tour, its great value and I’d definitely go again. Tip: Make sure you wear comfortable shoes! I give you 10 out of 10 Corey!!!! From a very happy Irish Tourist x

A Can’t Miss Experience
We were so satisfied with this tour. We’ve never experienced a tour like it. We took two FOF tours during our trip, revisited a few of the stops and ate at three additional recommend restaurants. We enjoyed chatting with people from all over the world while enjoying some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. I can’t believe our tour guide was able to keep the 30 plus people in our group together . . . Even on the subway. Excellent email communication when booking and prior to the tour. Be sure to take advantage of the travel advice provided. We’re from California where public transportation is nonexistent; we purchased a 7-day Metro and rode the subway all over without any problem. We will definitely book another FOF tour the next time we visit New York

A great way to experience the food, the city and the people around NYC
Last month, we decided to go on Corey’s Food on Foot tour as a part of our FIRST full day in the Big Apple.

We did a tour of the Waterfront in Brooklyn. The Tour gave us knowledge and confidence to use the subway (which is HUGE in NYC). We got to experience cultural NYC eateries. We were able to see various parts of Brooklyn and how varied the neighbourhoods were.

In addition, we met many very nice people from all over the world. Ironically enough, I even met someone who went to the same high school in Canada with me (albeit a few years apart).

After leaving NYC and settling back into small-town Caanda, I can tell you that a couple things stick out about the Food on Foot tours. They are personal, friendly, fun, informative and you get the distinct feeling that you matter (unlike some other tours) and you’re not just a number. They are also very affordable. Some other tours in the city will cost 10 times the amount and not give you the same value for your money.

Everything done on the tour is done by one man, Corey. He works hard to share a lifetime of experiences with food and also the city itself.

It was a great way to kick off a memorable trip for us, and I look forward to the opportunity to come again and go on another tour.

PS The Yankees game was a terrific experience. Thanks for the advice on getting to the game 🙂

2013: 5 Stars Not Enough

This tour is incredibly well put together. The pace is was perfect, and Corey our tour guide was nothing short of a charming fellow! His excitement for the city and each stop is contagious and it makes you feel at home. The places we ate were awesome – the food was relatable, the price was a steal, and the experience to price ratio exponential. The only way to eat this good is by hanging out with a local, and that’s exactly what this tour is. It’s like having your best friend show you all his favorite spots to eat when you visit his hometown. Don’t think twice about booking with Food on Foot Tours – just go!

2012: The most fun tour we did in New York

Our family of four, including two college-aged children, took this tour a few weeks ago during our first trip to New York City. Of all the many tours and experiences we packed into our week-long trip, this was our family favorite. We did the International tour through Queens, and really enjoyed trying all sorts of foods in places we probably never would have found on our own. We also really enjoyed meeting Corey and seeing the neighborhoods we went through, as well as interacting with the other people on the trip. Corey was interesting and informative and fun. He also gave us good advice for places to eat and suggestions for getting around New York on the subway. The website made it very clear what sort of tour it would be, and the tour definitely delivered what it promised. The lamb sandwich from the Chinese food court and the goat taco from the taco stand were amazing! We all shared our food so we could taste everything, but even pacing ourselves we were so full we took our pastries from the last stop with us to enjoy later. My daughter commented that she felt like the tour was the most “real” thing we did in New York. I definitely recommend this tour!

2011: This tour made our trip a 15 out of 10

My sister and I went to NYC for her birthday. We tried to do a lot in 5 days. The highlight of our trip was The Food on Foot Tour. Even if you are not a foodie, you will have an amazing time and you will experience the real flavours of New York. The tour guide is an amazing and passionate individual and he really knows his stuff. Make sure you make this tour a part of your trip to New York. It is a “must do”.

2010: This attraction should be #1in NYC1 It was the highlight of my trip!

If you like food, even a little bit, you should take this tour! It’s a whole new way to see the city, and you’ll be stuffed to the gills at the end!

I took the International Express tour in late October and loved it.

I’ve been on dozens of food tours around the country, and I noticed when I was signing up that this one is different than any of the others: rather than paying one price for the tour, including food, you purchase a ticket for the tour and buy your own food along the way. I was confused, and wondered how much money I would actually end up spending by the time the tour was through. It turned out that I spent less than a regular tour ticket, and ate way more!!

We met our guide, Corey, at the subway station. He told us right away that he started leading these tours a year or two ago when he lost his “regular” job, because food is his true passion. We boarded the subway and rode way out to a neighborhood that we never would’ve gone to on our own. And by “we,” I mean a group of 24 visitors from cities all over the world. This tour was unique because I honestly don’t believe I could’ve found half the stops on my own, without Corey. By letting us choose our own menu items, there was way more flexibility than a typical food tour. And the places we visited were so cheap, that I spent less than $15 total. It was SO MUCH FOOD for $15. Seriously. I couldn’t even eat at the last stop because I was so full.

Corey’s passion for food and people was evident right away, and he made a huge effort to bond with each one of us. Bonding with 24 people in 3 hours is no piece of cake, folks, but he made it seem like it was easy. He’s a natural.

This is the opposite of a “canned” tour. You won’t learn about the history of the Empire State Building, or where the movie stars eat when they’re in town. What you will experience is the REAL New York, through various foods of different neighborhoods.