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In 2009 I started Food On Foot Tours with the motto Eat Like A New Yorker! to help visitors eat great and save money in NY. Today we’re tours and so much more. Of course, I’m proud of the ten straight years of TripAdvisor awards (that were unfortunately stopped by Covid) but what makes me happiest is seeing the smiles on the face of someone eating their first slice of NY pizza or when a guest comes back again (as thankfully many have) and talks about their first tour or a place we stopped at or a restaurant we recommended. Since Day 1 my commitment to our guests is to have them see the neighborhoods where New Yorkers live and eat and enjoy the food locals eat, at the places locals go to, often for a lot less than other restaurants. I am passionate about what I do and care greatly about what you eat so unlike other tours you choose what you like on our tours (although we’ll make suggestions). I want you to eat great whether you’re a local or a visitor on your first trip to NY. Many of our guests or reviewers advise others to take a tour with us early in their stay so I can help you eat great and save for your whole trip.  I’ve hosted thirty thousand plus guests and made so many friends from across the world that I’d love to meet, eat with you and do what a friend would do for you and if I’m not your guide please know that your guide will have the heart of a friend.



Why Choose Us?

We Have Great Taste…

We have so many great stories and have met so many great people over the years here in New York but what stands out is the incredible amount of repeat guests we have. So many people from all over the world have taken our tours again and again, whether it’s a private or public Food On Foot Tour. We now have people who joined us 6, 7, 8 times and more. Often, they return with a new partner or family member and sometimes there’s years between visits. When we started, we were a New York food & local sports tour company, Today we are full-service food event and information friend for tourists, groups and New Yorkers. On the tour side most food tours are very much the same, Food On Foot and our tours are very unique and different. Food tours usually follow a very standard format with 12 to 16 people and a guide who brings you to a few restaurants and tells YOU what you’re going to eat. That’s right. You paid them and you have to eat what they give you. Most often the guide does not eat with you. We do. We love to eat with our guests because we treat them like family! On other tours if you don’t like something and try to get something different, that’s a no-no. We know that because we’ve tried it on tours in other cities and have not been accommodated. That’s why since our first day in 2009 we’ve been different. You can choose a ticket with food included or decide to pay as you go but on our Food On Foot Tours you choose what you like and how much! And that’s not all.  We’ve pioneered a meet & mingle concept on our tours. On our public tours you’ll be part of a sometimes small and sometimes larger group of travelers & locals. From the time we meet we’ll encourage you to make friends from around the world and so many of our guests do just that while others stay to themselves. Either way you can relax and enjoy the city the way you like. Looking for a public tour in a tourist area? Sorry we don’t do that. We want you to experience the real neighborhoods where New Yorkers live and eat and we travel by foot or foot and subway to do just that. And we care about your whole trip, not just the few hours with us. It’s why our unbiased restaurant recommendations on every tour help you eat great and save money, and are so popular and why so many of our guests write online or tell us directly, “we should have taken your tour first”. We could not have said it better which is why our slogan is our pledge to you. We want you to: Eat Like A New Yorker! Today we are full-service in New York offering private and small group guided tours, guided drink tours, self-guided food tours, group food hall tastings, guided sports tours, excursions, parties, events, a personalized curated restaurant recommendation service for visitors and restaurant meals for groups.  

At the end of one of our tours one of our guests told us this story and it really is a story that tells you what you need to know about us. He said that he had taken a tour the day before and was very disappointed that the guide seemed to be just going through the motions pointing out this and that.  He said as soon as we started, he knew our tour was different. He used the word passion. We have it! We love to do what we do which is making your New York experience so much better! 


New York Knowledge For The Travel Industry

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” The Food On Foot Tour is one of my absolute favorite things about NYC! I started bringing high school seniors to New York for their senior trip more than ten years ago, and the tour is always on our itinerary, and it is always fantastic!! We have been able to try countless traditional “New York foods”- pizza, pastrami, falafel, cannoli, dumplings- and so many more! I have gone to New York several times on my own over the past few years, and we always include a tour, and now for our groups, their new food hall tasting event! I cannot recommend this company more!
Brigette, Kentucky

Providing your guests with authentic experiences is paramount to any successful trip you put together. Whether you are a travel agent helping a couple put together a trip, a destination management organization, tour operator, receptive operator planning a group trip for locals for a day or vacationers for a week we work with you to make your experiences in New York special and real.

We know New York! We work with all types of trip organizers from around the world for group and FIT clients. Many of our products are commissionable to segments of the travel trade. Our three thousand plus excellent TripAdvisor reviews come from guests that have booked public tours and those doing private or group events. We are most proud that those reviews have been consistent since 2009.

Our passion is real and we understand that we are representing you. For many in the trade we have become the go to company for food in New York. We are proud members of the American Bus Association, International Inbound Travel Association, National Tour Association, NYC & Company, Student Youth & Travel Association and the United States Travel Association. Many in the tourism and travel industry know us as the food guys in New York and we are proud of that.

No matter what your budget we have a program for you. We also specialize in working with student groups. Our tours are educational real experiences in non-tourist neighborhoods. For many student groups our tours and tastings are the only authentic non-tourist event because budget constraints often limit the length of student trips. Don’t book your food in New York until you talk to us. We have a menu of choices to fit any trip from excursions to events to tours to restaurants to a recommendation service for FIT travelers and a new dining program for FIT travelers. We can also customize our offerings based on your needs. 

One of the great joys of living in New York is experiencing our amazing mix of foods. We are truly the culinary melting pot of the world. Sometimes the $3 slice of pizza is better than the $100 steak and sometimes it’s not but we know where it is and can have both and your groups can too. Giving your guests food they can get at home is not NY food.

What We Offer

-Public Group Food Tours

-Private Food Tours For All Size Groups

-Special Budget Friendly Food Tours for Student Groups

-Customized Tours

-Excursions in the city

-Day Trips outside the city

-Food Hall Events

-Sports & Food/Sports Tour Combinations

-Restaurant Recommendation Service For FIT travelers

-Dining Program For FIT Travelers 

-Spirits On Foot Tours

-Restaurants For Groups

-Catering Services

-Culinary Experiences

-Performing Arts Options/Spaces