New York Personalized Restaurant Recommendation Service


New York Personalized Restaurant Recommendation Service


If you wish you had a friend in NY, now you do! Order before you arrive in NY.

Eat Great! Eat Local! Eat For Less! Support Locals! EAT LIKE A NEW YORKER!

If One Of Your Goals Is Saving Money You Could Save Lots Of Money Eating Where We Send You.

Have you ever talked to someone who came back from New York and loved the city but the first words out their mouth was something like this, “but the food was so expensive and just okay”? But why? Probably for several of these reasons. We say…….


Do this before you visit

Participate with us and order our New York Personalized Restaurant Recommendation Service. Let us be your friend in New York. One of the problems when you visit a large city, especially for the first time and especially one as geographically big as New York City is you don’t have context. A picture a video or a map is great but until you get here you really don’t understand where things are, how far apart they are, the best way to get there or the time involved in traveling. That’s extra true in New York because it is so big with so many neighborhoods. So while you may get your bearings around your hotel that won’t help you as you sightsee or visit other areas. What we do is take the guesswork out of your trip and help you navigate the city for great food. Our service comes from locals who want you to eat great and save money and have amazing memories for a lifetime and great stories to tell back home. This curated service is personalized for you and your family or group. There’s no computer pushing out a pre-determined list. Your answers determine the restaurant recommendations you get back. And we tell you the mass transit stops nearby. You’ll tell us where you’re staying, attractions you’re seeing, what you’d like to eat or try, types of places you’d prefer and your estimated budget. Whether you’re looking to eat great or save money or both we want to help. Our service covers the best casual to best steakhouse and most of our guests prefer a mix but it’s again it is your answers that determine your list. We know that one bad expensive meal can really put a damper on your trip. We feel that our service easily pays for itself in either direct savings or quality value or both. It depends on what’s most important to you.  We’re locals greatly enhancing your trip and saving you valuable time because you’ll have options for where you are and where you might be. This service is informational so once you order the service it is STRICTLY non-cancellable and non-refundable.


How it Works

Order the service here before you arrive in NY. Choose a rate based on how fast you need the customized personalized information. When you place your order, you’ll receive a questionnaire that you return to us (preferably within 24 hours). When you receive your personal list it will include great places to eat based on your answers:

Restaurants near where you’re staying and/or where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Restaurants by cuisine requested.

A mix of restaurants to fit your budget.

Food options with a wide range of styles (stands, casual, waiter service, expensive) based on your answers.

Restaurants by attractions you’re visiting. 

Transit stops near each restaurant and subway lines and stations near your residence for easy transit.

Subway tips.

Inexpensive places for breakfast in midtown that potentially save you big dollars. $35 for a hotel breakfast, not with us. How about $5 to $7?

The great advantage: 

Receiving the information before you get here allows you to make online reservations in advance of your trip and helps you plan your itinerary.


Locals tips to help make your trip better- Don’t do the following:  Go to chain restaurants- We understand that you might want to go to your favorite burger place while you’re here to see how it might be different than at home. And it is, our chains don’t have mustard on our burgers here! Or you might be from another country and always wanted to try a certain chain. Go for it! What you don’t want to do is eat at those places for all or most of your meals.  Many chain restaurant meals come pre-prepared and are microwaved. Did you come here to have someone use a microwave?  New York is filled with amazingly great food to fit any budget. A huge part of experiencing New York is experiencing our food! Whether you’re spending $5 or $100 we say: “eat local”.

Eat in tourist areas- Not necessarily a New York thing but very important here as there are neighborhoods next to many tourist areas with great food where locals eat. You’ll pay crazy prices for not necessarily good food. 

Go to a place where you walk-through a gift shop to get inside- Do they make more on the t-shirt than the meal they sell you? Enough said.

Only go to places by where you’re staying- We are the most amazing food city in the world. Chances are you don’t have to go very far to find a great place.

Trust a concierge implicitly- We know many concierges and most are just great at what they do but many don’t know about places outside a few blocks from the hotel. That makes sense as they need to know so much in general.  If your concierge makes a suggestion check reviews before you go. Things change often and fast in NY!

Trust a hotel desk person- It’s just not their job. They have so much to do and they’ll probably just look on the internet for you.

Go to a famous chef restaurant- We understand. You’re a fan or the name of the celebrity or restaurant is familiar. We say…..don’t go!  First, there’s a good chance the restaurant is on a licensing deal. Except for the opening or a yearly visit the celebrity is nowhere near the place. And one more thing…. in almost all cases you’ll pay big dollars for mediocre food.  

Eat in your hotel- It’s easy but in most cases it’s a profit center for the hotel and a convenience for the guests that you pay for. Congratulations to the really good hotel restaurants but there aren’t many. 

Be afraid to get out of your comfort zone- You’re here a few nights and you get comfortable with what you know and decide to stay there. New York is a series of neighborhoods and each is unique and we hope you’ll visit them. 

Judge a restaurant by its cover- You’re here and you walk down one block and you see ten restaurants. You go in the nicest looking place and walk out extremely disappointed. You later find out that you should have eaten at the place with the letter missing from their sign. Sometimes the best places are not the prettiest ones.