“Go early in your visit so you can try out the places recommended or return to the places you went”- Gill, United Kingdom (Online Review)

“It’s really casual (tour) and we really appreciated that we could choose what we would like to eat at each place” – Oz2, Australia (Online Review)

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Food On Foot: Award-Winning Public & Private Guided NY Food Tours, Group Tastings, Drinking Crawls, Traveler Restaurant Services, Sports Tours, Party Tours & Events

With an array of services to suit every food lover Food On Foot has become the go to New York company for food fun in New York. Well past our roots as a food tour company we work with individuals, couples, families, businesses, schools, tour groups and operators, anyone looking to have fun with food in the New York City metropolitan area. We are known for our passion and caring because it’s real. Our company was founded by a local who didn’t want visitors to go to a chain restaurant in Times Square or settle for bad food because they thought New York restaurants were too expensive.

Today we offer out-of-towners and locals unique tours and events on both a scheduled and by appointment basis as both private and customized experiences. Our Food On Foot Tours are award winning, our hosted Gourmet NY Tasting food hall events are loved by groups and we have services for individuals and families with our Self-Guided Tours and Customized Restaurant Recommendation Service.

Are you looking for a unique celebration space for a baby or wedding shower, business meeting or birthday party? Would your group love an escorted sports tour with Food For Fans? Have a foodie in the family who would love to hang out with us instead of having the same old birthday party?

If you or your group loves to eat or someone you love loves to eat, get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you because we’d love to eat with you!

TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Award Winner:

Creativity & Customization

We love to have fun and we know that not everyone wants do the same thing. Part of the fun of what we do is being creative and talking through ideas with you to develop the best event, party or tour that fits what you and/or your group wants. Would you like to add a wine or beer tasting at the end of a food tour? That works. Want to enjoy a progressive food crawl, appetizer at restaurant one, entrée at restaurant two and dessert at restaurant three? Let us know. Want to do something in the suburbs instead of the city? We’ll be there. Is your budget limited? You’ve come to the right place. Lots of options there too. We look forward to providing you with an experience you’ll love. We treat you like a friend, not like a customer.

Food On Foot Tours-Hudson Valley, Long Island & New York City

Available as both public and private Food On Foot Tours we are unique authentic local experiences that are very different from standard food tours. We are a ten-time TripAdvisor Award Winner, earning the Certificate of Excellence and Travelers’ Choice Awards from 2011-2020. On a Food On Foot Tour, you’ll visit real non-tourist New York City neighborhoods or suburban towns and villages while stopping at places where the people who live there eat. Many tours bring you to places because they are receiving money back from the stops. Not us! We only take you to places we like but our stops feed us and we love it! The tour is a quality fresh food eating tour and not the standard sampling tour. You’ll choose what you like at every stop and how much. Our public tours are known for being relaxed in a larger group format where you not only see and feel the real New York but you meet and mingle (or not) with others from around the world. Because you choose what you like all our stops are a surprise and we know from our years of tours that it’s much more fun that way. The tour replaces a meal. And because we care about your whole trip or your eating as a local, we help out with unbiased restaurant recommendations, if you like, to help you eat great and save money for the rest of your stay. Many of our 3,000+ excellent reviews say take our tour as early in your stay as possible to get the most out of tours and the recommendations we provide. We care about what you eat while you’re in New York. That’s why our slogan is Eat Like A New Yorker!

Gourmet NY Tasting- Hosted Food Hall Event

Imagine walking into an indoor food festival in the middle of New York City with hundreds of high- quality gourmet choices of international foods from New York curated by local chefs and restaurants and choosing whatever you like. Food On Foot Tours has created the perfect New York experience for groups with the Gourmet New York Tasting. This hosted event at six Manhattan food halls including an Asian one, is designed for groups and provides a unique experience for any meeting, party, shower or get-together. How much more fun can it be than having a space where all your guests or participants choose what they like from an amazing array of culinary treats?

Food For Fans Sports Tours


Food For Fans Sports Tours takes the guesswork out of bringing your group to the biggest sporting events and games. We enhance your experience so let us handle everything on a scheduled public, group or private tour. We’ll coordinate tickets whether you’d like to sit in a suite or upstairs. Our host will join your group and escort you to the game by private bus or by mass transit. Plus, you can add great amenities and your host will a stadium or arena walk-through (when available) and history tour. Public Guided Sports Tours outside of Manhattan use mass transit to travel to venues in the New York metropolitan area.

Spirits On Foot


Thousands and thousands of visitors had taken a Food On Foot Tour by 2017. Many guests had asked us to add pub crawls to our food tour menu. The response of our founder was always the same thing said in different ways but the overall theme was the same, “It’ll never work, I don’t drink”. Most guests stopped right there but with one reply one of our guests changed everything when he said, “you’d be the perfect tour guide because you don’t drink”. And a great new experience was born!

Self-Guided On-Your-Own Tour Experiences


Our unique and personalized service is designed to help you eat great while visiting. Since our inception, the word we have heard most often from our over 30,000 guests is overwhelmed! And that is about food in NY! Visitors don’t know where to go, what’s best, what’s great value, where places are, and so on. Our service takes the guesswork out of all of that. We can potentially save you hours of aggravation and even hundreds of dollars but it is mostly like having a friend make recommendations for you based on your plans.

New York Personalized Restaurant Recommendation Service


Our unique New York Personalized Restaurant Recommendation Service is like having a best friend in New York. This is a curated service personalized for you by real people. There is no computer. This is the modern version of being on the phone with your friend or a friend of a friend getting local tips. When you order the New York Personalized Restaurant Recommendation Service we send you a questionnaire where list your preferences from cuisine to budget to location you’re staying in to attractions you’re seeing and we coordinate a personalized list for you. And we include tips about New York from tipping to using the subway to saving money from the airport. We’ll help make your trip a REAL New York experience!


Frequently Asked Questions


Our office is not staffed at all times and because of time differences the best way to contact us is by e-mail for the quickest response. If you leave a phone message (voice mail box #2) please let us know how late we can call you in the evening or how early in the morning. Please reference NY time as we receive calls from all over the world. Because of time differences we do not return calls outside the U.S. or Canada.

Food On Foot
P.O. BOX 444
Wheatley Heights, NY 11798
Phone: 1-631-491-0326
Email: tours@foodonfoottours.com


       Our Food On Foot Guided Public Food Tour calendar posts on the 16th day of the previous month up 

       to two months earlier. Since our food tours are different than standard food tours and you choose       

       what you like at each stop you may choose tickets with a food credit or tickets where you

       pay-as-you-go. Either way the tour is the same but each ticket type has different cancellation options

       so choose your ticket based on your needs.  We do not deviate from the terms for the ticket you buy.

       Like any concert, sports or theater ticket your ticket(s) are considered a purchase and you are

       responsible for the cost of your tickets or cancellation fees based on the terms of the ticket you buy. 

       Our spaces are very limited and once you book a ticket you are preventing someone else from 

       booking that space so cancellation options are not free and are considered a courtesy. Cancellation     

       fees increase the closer you get to your tour date. There are no cancellations of any type for any      

       reason within 24 hours of tour start times. Private travel insurance is available on the open     

       market as we do not issue refunds for free at any time for any reason. These rules also apply to any 

       tickets offered by travel partner companies unless otherwise stated in their agreement or on their 

       listing or app. If you are part of a program that offers tickets that are booked under their terms it is 

       important to note that we do not decide what to offer you. That is strictly their decision.


For public tours and events the only way to purchase tickets is online here or via the book button above. The public food tour schedule posts on or before the 16th of the previous month. Public food tours run from mid-March until the first week of January.  Other public tours including Spirits On Foot and Food For Fans Sports Tours have a varied schedule. Private tours are available all times of year based on availability. For private and group tours and events please contact the Food On Foot office directly.


Food On Foot started as a food tour company but we are now full service offering all types of food and sports related tours and events for individuals and groups.


Let’s start with what’s made us famous, our Food On Foot Guided Tours both public and private. Other tours that we offer include our Spirits On Foot Tours (21 and over please), Food For Fans Group Sports Tours and the Self-Guided On Your Own Neighborhood Food Experiences. Our events include the Gourmet NY Tasting- a unique experience for groups in New York’s leading food halls for local meetings, events, parties and visitor groups and the Queens-Flushing Meadows International Food Excursion. We also offer our curated unbiased Custom Restaurant Recommendation Service for travelers coming to New York. We help you in enhancing your New York experience!


Most of our events and many of our tours are for small private or larger groups. Publicly scheduled events and tours are listed on our calendar as they become available and require the purchase of tickets. Public events include Food for Fans Guided Sports Tours. Food On Foot Scheduled Guided Food Tours, Spirits On Foot Tours and the Queens-Flushing Meadows International Food Excursion. All other events, services and tours are private for individuals, couples, families and any type of small and large group.


Food On Foot does have on-going and changing relationships with companies in the travel industry. If you have an offer through an outside vendor you must follow the instructions provided by that vendor on their app or website and use any booking codes they provide. If you book tickets through us and then go to any outside vendor for tickets your tickets may be non-refundable or incur a cancellation fee based on the type of ticket you purchased.


All of our public tours and events have one or more ticket options. You need a ticket for our tours and events because capacity is limited. We do not accept reservations under any circumstances no matter how or where you purchase your tickets. Scroll down on the booking platform for each tour/event to see ticket types. If you want a cancellation option do not purchase non-refundable tickets. Like concert, sporting event and theater venues we do not refund those tickets under any circumstances, personal or otherwise. These tickets are often the lowest cost option because you are guaranteeing your full payment at booking. Tickets with cancellation options incur a fee.


Events can be booked all year based on their availability. Not all events and tours are available year around. Always come hungry!

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