Why Us

food tours
  1. Our food tours are a very unique experience that is different from most standard food tours.
  2. We don’t cut deals with restaurants for our scheduled Food On Foot Tours.
  3. Both our guided and self-guided food tours are true eating tours and not sampling tours. You choose what to eat and how much. We think it’s more fun than a sample of cheese.
  4. Our food tours take place in non- tourist neighborhoods so you really will Eat Like A New Yorker!
  5. Our food tours are very relaxed tours. You experience the neighborhood while you mingle and make friends with others from around the world or just enjoy the neighborhood at your own pace on a self-guided tour.
  6. On most our food tours you’ll travel the way New Yorkers do, by subway and foot.
  7. On our Feasts & Finds get-togethers and events you’ll enjoy special exclusive experiences.
  8. We’d just like to share these special unsolicited comments from our guests right after we started in 2009. They describe our food tours better than we ever could. These comments come from the heart because we treat our guests like family. We talk to our guests and with our guests, not at our guests. Peggy from Montana told us she was so tired of canned tours-Your tour and your food were the best three hours we had in New York. We would have never ventured there on our own. Delicious food, great prices and a guide with a sense of humor. We enjoyed hanging out with you. The tour was fantastic. Kaitlin from California mentioned how nice it was to meet and hang out with people from other areas. Tammy from Ontario let us know how she loved the pace of our tour. She was so tired of rushed tours. Mark from Ohio told us he didn’t know what to expect in New York but when his wife got off the phone with us after making her reservation she remarked how nice we were. We asked David from Houston on one of our tours what the best thing he’d done in New York was and he responded with a resounding-YOU! And Mike from Connecticut, who is no stranger to New York and who found us online said- I thought I knew New York City pretty well but I realized I missed many great places. He told us after the first tour he’d be back for more because as he said- I don’t have to stress about what subway to take, which way to walk, this way I can sit back and relax for a few hours. We have received over three more years worth of great comments. We encourage you to read the over 1500 reviews posted on TripAdvisor.
  9. Since 2009 we have been in the top 10% of our category on TripAdvisor and have received the TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence Award in both 2011 and 2012. As of March 1st, 2013 we are #3 in the Food & Drink category on the activities portion of TripAdvisor ratings in New York.
  10. Most importantly, we care about our guests. Because we are a truly different experience we are the only company that we know of that encourages you not to book our tour if you expected something different. We want all our guests to be happy.

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